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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Work Experience

I have to admit, I was under false illusions when I first came to the Uk about how easily I would get a job in the beauty business. Not only can I not get one, even though there seems to be few jobs going, I can't even get a standard retail job! I've worked in retail since I was 16, and I've come to have knowledge of many different aspects of it - I've run a small department, worked on a customer service desk/reception, been trained in a large department store's cash office, trained staff, had some management experience (not on an official scale), and I also have experience in working in a high end shop, making huge sales. I could list everything I've done but I'd be here all day! I've only had 2 jobs, one I was in for 5 years and the other 3 years. To top that off, I now have a diploma in Fashion Media and Photography makeup. Not trying to blow my own trumpet but based on all that, there's no reason why I shouldn't get a job! But for some reason, it's just not happening, and I can't understand why. I know there's a recession and the economy in the Uk isn't fantastic, but if you want to see how bad things can get, go to Ireland! In Ireland I couldn't even get a sniff of a job because there simply aren't any jobs going. But in the Uk I've been able to apply for tons of jobs and I've had 5 interviews, which seemed to bode well for me. But I haven't been able to land any of these jobs, much to my frustration. (Someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong, ha ha!)

So, in the midst of my frustration, before Christmas I decided to randomly email a few companies in Bath (which is near where I live) asking if they needed anyone, for anything! I didn't expect to hear anything back but I was pleasantly surprised to find I did get one reply. It was from a lady who owns a beauty salon in Bath, and she told me they weren't looking to take anyone on as they were a relatively new business but I was more than welcome to come and spend time in the salon and observe things, basically gaining some work experience. She said it'd be unlikely that I'd be working on clients which is unfortunate but understandable (insurance and all that), and it's unpaid. So after discussing it with my partner I decided I had nothing to lose by doing it. She said I could come as much or as little as I wanted and see how things pan out. I also realised that I need to spend time with people who are on my wavelength in terms of what we do for a living. My partner is the best in the world and I can talk to him about anything but he just doesn't know anything or have any interest in the world of beauty, and I can't subject him to it anymore! Once I had the ok from him I was happy.

So, I start tomorrow. I'm going in on a casual basis, I don't know what to expect but I'm fairly confident that I can only stand to benefit from it. I've been so disappointed by my bad experiences that I can't help thinking that things can only go forward from here, and I'm really hoping that it's the start of good things to come for me and I finally get the chance to kickstart my career. So on that note, fingers crossed! I'll keep you updated about how it goes!

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